Ponds are used as an premium range of design. It is mostly installed in VIP houses. We categories ponds majorly into 2 types. Indoor Pond & Outdoor Pond. Our pond LSS will support mainly for odorless, crystal clear water & healthy fish. Unlike other aquarist, we focus only on quality outcome.

we are expertise in Pond designing


We are the expert in designing and renovating a koi fish pond all over India. Our unique filtration system helps you in maintaining a good and crystal clear water, it helps the fish from feeble diseases. We are pioneering since 2 decades in the aquatic line and which made us an old expert in Tamil Nadu. We classify Pond into two major categories based on the their filtration requirements.

koi fish pond

Fish ponds have been a symbolic characteristic of an aquarium. This has been an essential feature for a home which is created with aesthetics.

other ponds

Creating & customizing  a pond based on your ideas is easy for us. We as an expert and did many major Pond projects all over Tamil Nadu.