koi fish pond in India

Have you ever felt the bad smell and fish mortality in Koi pond with bad filtration supplied by famous importers and traders?
Have your ever experienced a good pond with crystal clear water and healthy fish swimming around?
Ever tamed a fish for hand feeding and remarking you in the Koi fish mind?
Confused on choosing the right pond contractors for your place?

Yes! We know many people and designers are confused in choosing the right vendor and they fall as a prey to traders who only knows the supply and installation without a backup support in emergencies cases. They sell what they have in stock.

So, what we make is contemporary design Koi Pond which exactly suits your place.

1)Our Koi Fish Pond designs comes with a world class ultra-filtration system to enhance guest experience, your value and your value of the property.
2) For 100% Sure you will see the crystal clear water without any bad smell that comes out from the pond.
3) Experience Perfect and crystal clear water quality KOI FISH POND either in your indoor and outdoor. We merge the pond with your landscape art.
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what is koi pond

Koi Pond is used a luxury add on to the interiors and outdoor designs. They hold vibrant colour Koi fish with various sizes and colors. 

koi fish

Koi fish more popularly known as Nishikigoi are a decorative type of pet . Kois are differed by distinguished by patterning, scale formation and colour. 

koi pond benefits

Interestingly, Koi fish are vibrant in colour which gives a cool effect to the eyes. Along with it the sound and movement gives a soothing effects to mind.

Minimum space requirement for KOI Pond

There is no particular measurement required for KOI POND installation. But, for good Koi fish survival rate we have to give a minimum height of 2 feet depth.

What if unskilled installed a koi pond?

Many people come to us asking for the change in the filtration system due to the odor and algae formation caused in the KOI FISH POND. For a good KOI POND we need a good filtration system.

where can i install a koi pond?

The real answer for this is with you!
It is your ideas and desires, we will help you to implement it.

We work for client’s satisfaction with a primary priority of
super design concept and ultra-filtration system. 

We do Koi fish pond in Chennai and all over India for the people who loves luxury and a premium life.

Visit our portfolio page, to get an awesome ideas of luxury pond for your place in India. 

"Koi Fish Pond in Chennai, India"