living art aquarium is a collection of amazing aquarium experts striving to build & maintain a delightful aquarium (fish tank) or Koi fish pond in Chennai, Tamil Nadu .

Experience LIVING ART AQUARIUM‘s aquarium (fish tank) and Koi fish pond maintenance service in your place. Versatile, aquarium to koi fish pond deep cleaning with powerful filtration to remove hidden wastes from your aquarium and koi fish pond. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of your aquarium and let us do the dirty work. We will arrive on a scheduled time to your home or office for aquarium cleaning with the professional setup service. We also assess your system and offer advice on the improvement of  your aquarium (fish tank) & koi fish pond.
We serve aquarium maintenance and koi fish pond service through out Chennai, we have covered most of the places in Chennai and for the surprise we are pioneering in serving many VIP’s for aquarium cleaning service and koi fish pond cleaning service in Chennai, India.

fish tank cleaning service in Chennai

The art of fish keeping lies in their maintenance and service. Proper care and consistent cleaning will prevent the fish from diseases and feeble environment for it to be alive.

We offer a competitive professional aquarium cleaning services, as low as 1000 per month! All service premiums are quoted based on the size, system, and extent of the service required. Both commercial place and residential place.

koi fish pond cleaning service

We do a professional Koi fish pond services in Chennai. Not only we help you in cleaning of the aquarium, we can also design and install a beautiful aquarium in your home or office.

Whether your Koi pond or other pond needs a thorough one-time professional cleaning or if you need a reliable professional to maintain your pond, we can help you. We offer regularly scheduled maintenance or single cleaning visits. Any cleaning or maintenance visit comes with a free expert consultation.The filters we use to clean a koi pond will remove all kinds of wastes and infections in the pond. This makes the pond remain healthy and aesthetically beautiful.

What we offers

  • Regular scheduled maintenance (Weekly once or Weekly twice)
  • One-time cleaning visits (once in a month or 3 month once)