big aquarium in chennai

We work in most of  commercial projects in India as an aquarium vendor.
Our specialty is manufacturing zero maintenance large size aquarium & completing projects on-time with more than the expected quality.

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Large Fish Tanks for commercial Buildings in Chennai, India

We focus & provide an unique concept and best designs for all commercial places like Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Malls, IT companies, corporate offices, Factories and Public tourist place.

We are renowned for custom aquarium & koi pond projects in India. Any size and shape we will challenge it to satisfy your needs. 

Why aquarium for commercial places

Aquarium in a commercial spaces extends advantages far beyond simply adding a pretty piece to existing decor. One of the first benefits of commercial fish tanks is that a feel of permanence can be added to an office or business as a fish tank represents a continuing commitment.
For instance, Offices have waiting rooms where potential clients or customers spend significant time. Also in a doctor’s clinic where patients may be on the edge awaiting diagnosis or treatment, it can be very calming to have fish tanks as a part of the decor. At restaurants, without any perverse connection to the serving of seafood, commercial fish tanks can create an ambiance that tells business that this is an upscale establishment where great care is taken to maintain the decor.

We also Focuses on the development and execution of public Aquarium, Zoo Museum and large Scale aquarium Feature Projects. Custom Acrylic aquariums can be designed and build anywhere in India. Growing trend in commercial interior design is the use of “living” materials. Reception area with plants and water, live plants, and aquatic environments are more soothing than portraits or prints. A  saltwater or freshwater fish tank with a good background can relax nerves and give a natural creative to the workplace.

aquarium in office

There are more than 1000 kinds of attractive fish suitable for a fish tank. Each kind offers its own array of incredible shapes and colors. Consequently, it will brighten up and stylize any office space.

aquarium in hospital

A study on “environment and behavior” suggests natural environments may improve well-being. The experiment found “significant” reductions in both blood pressure and heart rate when exposed to such environments. Lowered blood pressure and heart rate can naturally lead to greater health benefits.

aquarium in hotels & resorts

Guest is the Asset for hotels, as many individuals are relaxed by fish tanks, the same way sense of your guests who visits your hotels or resorts will be relaxed. It is full possible effect to improve the mood. This is absolutely a service to your potential VIP guests. Moreover, it can help your business efforts, too. A chill, relaxed guests is more likely to visit again and influences others too.

aquarium in corporate

Aquarium is installed for both home as well as work place. An aquarium is installed in the corporate for decorative and for therapeutic effects. Marine life has been studied for many decades. Their presence inside an aquarium in workplace has revealed positive improvement among the people and surely it is perfect for vamping up a business and creating a relaxing and beautiful environment for clients and employees.

aquarium in showrooms

Aquarium installed in the showroom not only for decorative but foremost feature in it is therapeutic effects. One of the first benefits of fish tanks is that a feel of permanence can be added to an office or business as a fish tank represents a continuing commitment.

aquarium in schools

Aquarium installed in the school for educational and decorative purpose. One of the first benefits of fish tanks is that it makes the kids sharp and innovative students.

We do aquarium for creative people.

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