acrylic aquarium in Chennai

Acrylic made aquariums are trending in Chennai, India because of its feasibility to any shape and size. Designers in India who plays with glass are choosing acrylic aquarium for its superiority character.

Expertise in Acrylic Aquarium Chennai, India

Acrylic when compared to glass
times stronger
% Lighter
% light transparent
% long term behaviour

Acrylic Aquarium manufacturing In india

Durability, fine craftsmanship and turnkey manufacturing make Living Art Aquarium your best option when it comes to creating stunning, environmentally safe, functional and sustainable aquatic products. For Over 20 years Living art aquariums has been the leader in custom acrylic aquariums in Chennai, a tradition which proudly continues today. We specialize in creating exquisite exhibits and displays from aquariums to water features to custom artificial reefs.


With the popularity of fish keeping increasing every year, and more and more people claiming to be experts in the field, our reputation is more important today than ever. What sets Living Art Aquariums apart from the rest is our approach. From design and ideas to installation and maintenance we take care in each project to assure satisfaction every step the way. Acrylic aquariums are far superior to glass aquariums in almost every aspect. During my 20 years of experience in aquarium installing and maintaining, this is a question I am asked a lot:

Which is better, a glass or acrylic fish tank? Over the years, I have installed many different aquariums. While I prefer acrylic, I won’t argue that there are certain circumstances where glass is better. Acrylic has its benefits, namely being lighter, which makes it more suitable for large tanks. Our acrylic aquariums are chemically bonded to ensure strength and flawless seams, then molded in our huge walk-in oven and hand-polished for optimum optical clarity.

Benefits of acrylic aquarium

  • Acrylics are predictable long-term behavior
  • Scratches in acrylic can be easily repaired, Longevity easily refinished if scratched.
  • It has superior clarity to glass, Clarity is higher optical quality. Colors inside the aquariums look sharp and bright. A clear distortion-free view Highly transparent 92% light transmission
  • Acrylic aquariums have much stronger seams than glass aquariums, Strong in impact resistant, extremely high stability and high break resistance.
  • It is up to 17 times stronger than glass and safer than glass, Strong in impact resistant.
  • It is approximately 50% lighter than glass, Light half the weight of glass  easier to ship, move and install.
  • It is flexible and can be made into almost any imaginable shape or size.
  • Acrylic has much better insulating qualities than glass, good heat insulation very good thermo form-ability
  • These are durable resistant to the sun, salt and temperature fluctuations excellent weather resistance
  • These are easy to clean and maintain excellent surface quality low dimensional tolerances
  • Acrylics fish tanks comes with seamless joints which enhances the view of the aquarium
We do all size & possible shape aquarium for creative people.

Visit our portfolio page, to get an awesome ideas & shape for aquarium. 

"Acrylic Fish Tank in Chennai"