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1.Commercial Fish Aquarium


Commercial fish aquariums have being trend these days to capture the audiences entering inside their places. It gives a sense of calmness for the people an aquarium. This acts a feel welcoming factor for making business. A tropical aquatic fresh water aquarium make the place good stunning.

We are pioneers in executing the project in style. We have gained the experience to deliver the best solution for commercial aquariums. Our strength in creative design, executing the project, and our unmatched ability in delivering a beautiful aquariums. We are completely reliable and highly professional in our working ethics. All our services are affordable.

Things we offer:

. Change of water once in six months.

. Fresh water,salt, and reef tanks

. Aquariums of all size.

. Aquarium renovations

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2.Residential Fish Aquarium


Residential fish aquariums are one of the most spectacular things one can possess at their living home. At Living Art Aquarium, we transform your idea into reality. A classy aquarium with fishes can soothe any human being. It also acts as a stress-free act when you sit in front of an aquarium watching fishes go around. Whatever the design may be, we as a design architect, design the place to the perfection.

Once the first phase is over, we install the aquarium according to the requirements. All our materials used while installation of an aquarium are of high quality and endues longevity of the installed aquarium. We love to collaborate with our clients.

We feel being synchronised with our clients help us to give our best.

. Customized Design Aquariums

. Gathering the requirements

. Executing the service in a timely manner

. Executing the service in a timely manner

. Affordable Prices

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3.Wall Mounted Fish Aquarium


Wall mounted fish aquariums changes the annexure of a fish tank from its layout to the design of an aquarium itself. Wall mounted fish aquariums are a piece of art. A wall mounted fish aquarium at office will make the work environment more pleasant for the employees. In addition, it also acts as a unique way for customers to notice the warm welcome and differentiate your business from other competitors. At your residence, it is the best one can ever ask for.

Wall mounted fish aquariums can easily be mounted, cleaned and maintained. We at fish Aquarium India are privileged to execute such luxury wall mounted fish aquariums at ease. Such exquisite executions require lot of planning in deciding the type of layouts. We offer both fresh and marine water fish aquarium with all the standard features. It is our pleasure to make you own the exclusive live stock of fishes revolving around the fish aquarium near you.

Our Specialties :

. Installation and maintenance as per your needs.

. Exceptional services which exceeds your expectations.

. We warranty our products from any leakage for 1 full year.

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